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Face Painting
Great for kids ages 3-100+ at any event, any size, anywhere (well, almost anywhere)! Turn up the fun at your next event, we can usually paint 10-12 fantasy faces per hour and can also do high volume designs for large events. We come with a book of designs to help your guests choose and always want to know what we can do special for the guest of honor.

Glitter Tattoos
The newest coolest technique in body decoration. Our glitter tattoos are very popular with teens and are a great alternative to face painting. A great choice for summertime pool party since they are waterproof! We can get custom designed stencils for your party or corporate event.

Henna Art
Henna art  is a centuries old form of body adornment that is created with a with a natural plant based stain on the skin. With proper after care the stain can last from 1- 3 weeks. For ages 10 and up. All levels of designs are available.

Balloon Twisting
Fun fabulous art done with balloons, we are developing new designs all the time.

Jewelry Parties
We will design an age appropriate piece of jewelry everyone at the party will have fun making. We bring all the supplies and tools. Ages 8+up.

Arts and Crafts
We bring all the supplies and create a fun interactive experience for your guests.

Baby Bumps
Celebrate this special moment in your life with a custom Prenatal Painting or Henna design. We will work with you to enhance your natural beauty and create a truly unique memory. Available at your baby shower or plan a portrait session to  record this special event giving you images you will enjoy for a lifetime.