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How to Care for My New Art Work

Face and Body Paint
Drink through a straw, don’t rub it with your hands, and take a picture there is no saving your face for tomorrow!

Glitter Tattoo
Glitter tattoos usually last anywhere from 4-7 days if taken care of properly. Glitter tattoos are waterproof!!! Yes, you can bathe regularly, and swim in the pool or in the ocean. Do not rub excessively or apply alcohol-based products such as perfume. They last longer on dry skin compared to sweaty or oily skin.

The longer the henna stays on your skin the darker the stain will be 3-4 hours minimum is recommended. Once you have unwrapped and removed the dry henna paste you will see an orange-yellow stain left on your skin. The stain will deepen into a richer reddish-brown tone over the next 48 hours. The final color will depend your skin and body chemistry with darker colors appearing on the hands and feet. You should try to avoid contact with water as much as possible during the first 24 hours after paste removal as water can interrupt the oxidization and darkening processes of your henna stain. Rub your henna with a natural oils before bathing or swimming to protect it from water. cocoa butter, shea butter, or olive oil all work well. Keep in mind that frequent washing, soaps, petroleum products (sunscreen, Vaseline, baby oil) and the rubbing of clothing and shoes on the design will cause your henna design to fade more quickly.

How to Remove Your Artwork

Face/Body Paint
The best way to remove your face/body art is with soap, warm water, and a washcloth. ("no more tears" baby shampoo works great on kids so it won't sting their eyes) Lather, rinse, repeat -- no scrubbing needed!  Do not use baby wipes, as they are more likely to leave behind "trace stains" than a washcloth. If trace stains do remain, apply a good quality facial lotion, wait 30 minutes, and gently wash the area again with warm soap and water.

Glitter Tattoos
The best way to remove your glitter tattoo, is to simply use rubbing alcohol. This will take the adhesive as well as the glitter right off the skin. Removing the glitter tattoos after a shower is easiest, while your skin is still damp. 

Henna Tattoos
Henna generally is not removable. The henna paste soaks the top layers of the skin to last a period of time, but it does not stain the skin as permanently as a tattoo. The only true way to remove henna stain is to be patient and wait for it to fade naturally. There are ways to speed up the process however, you can soak a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide, and gently rub into the skin over the henna stain, or you can make a mixture of olive oil and salt and use it as a gentle exfoliate. Both can take awhile, but eventually the color will start to fade.

What type of face paint do you use - is it safe?

Did you know that Face Paint is not really paint? It’s a cosmetic water based makeup. We use only professional, FDA compliant cosmetic makeup approved for the face and skin. The brands we use are Wolfe, Diamond FX, and Paradise, Kryolan, and Snazaroo. We DO NOT USE acrylic, poster, or other craft paints or markers. Although labeled non-toxic (which only applies if you eat the paint), acrylic & craft paints are not approved for use on the skin.

If your child has sensitive skin, please let us know and we can perform a “patch” test, or paint a design on their hand or arm where the skin is usually less sensitive.

We have Material Data Safety Sheets (MDS) available if there is a question regarding the ingredients of any of the makeup we use.

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